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This is a lovely time-lapse of the Earth from the ISS. In this video 15 seconds of real-time is compressed into 15 seconds.

Due to the altitude of ISS (about 400km) it is not possible to see an entire hemisphere. From the station the distance from one point on the horizon to one 180 degrees around from it is about 4300km.

In actual terms the Earth has a diameter of 12 742km and is 40 075km around the equator. That may sound large but in the scheme of the solar system it is it not that big. In the terms of the universe it is totally insignificant. This video compares the size of the objects in our solar system and to other stars.

This is an image of the Earth and Moon from a distance of 138 million kilometers (114 million miles) by the MESSENGER spacecraft. They are located in the bottom left of the photograph.


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